Goto Symbol or '@edit' on remote


I really like Juno and want to use it to its full potential on a Slurm cluster. I’m able to log into a node by connecting to an external process.

Unfortunately, the easier way to connect via ftp-remote-edit doesn’t work as I need to ssh jump over another host first until entering a node, as I don’t have direct access. ftp-remote-edit doesn’t seem to have a way to use ProxyJump.

When I’m connected I would like to use “Goto Symbol” or the “@edit macro” from the REPL to jump to package source code. Both doesn’t work even if I simultaneously connect to the server by ftp-remote-edit (I can not connect to the node but to the frontend, which has a shared filesystem).

Even if i try it on another server, where i have direct ssh access to and can therefore use the standard method via ftp-remote-edit, it still doesn’t work. Do i have to set the “initial directory” of ftp-remote-edit settings of the servers to root, so that the file paths match? right now i have set it to my home directory on the server.

I would really appreciate your help.

Thanks a lot and thank you for Juno :slightly_smiling_face:


I fixed the problem myself.

“Goto Symbol” and other file opening actions (debugging, docs) work, when ftp-remote-edit is initiated at the root directory.

Additionally, I got Juno work with a compute node directly by ssh tunneling.

ssh -L “localport”:“NODE”:“node ssh port” “slurm_gateway

Then connect ftp-remote-edit to localhost port “localport” and launch Julia via Juno.

Works great now! :slight_smile: Hope this helps somebody in the future who has a similar problem.