Can't set breakpoints in Juno

I got the error shown on the top right-hand corner by clicking on the column on the left of a target line number.

Remarks: My installation steps in Xubuntu 18.04

  1. Downloaded the gzipped tarball for current stable version of Julia from the official site

  2. Ran sudo tar xf -C /opt for system-wide installation (of optional packages)

  3. Installed Atom through the DEB file

  4. Installed uber-juno from the Atom’s command palette.

  5. Created a link to Julia under /usr/bin. (I’ve already added Julia to my ZSHRC’s PATH.)

    $ cd /usr/bin
    $ sudo ln -s $(which julia) julia

A using Revise should fix that error. Also take a look at our docs.

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I did ran that command in the REPL before adding breakpoints, but the same message still appeared: Couldn't make Revise work with Juno · Issue #296 · timholy/Revise.jl · GitHub

error message


Thanks to @kristoffer.carlsson’s answer in the linked post, I can now add breakpoints without problem. I’m editing this and I’m going to mark this as solved to save others’ effort.

using Revise
includet("temp.jl")  # name of file to be debugged
Juno.@run myfct()    # must be a function call; or
# Juno.@enter myfct()    # must be a function call


“This means that you can only set breakpoints in your own scripts (that are not part of a package) if you have includet them.”