Debugging in Julia 1.0?

Hello, I am a bit lost with the various discussions on debugging being or not being available, depending on the version of Julia (and Juno).
I remember for some times there has been the possibility to step into a function in Juno (with Juno.@step myFunction) and run it line-by-line, and some said that setting breakpoints was also on the way too.

Which is the current situation ?

I seems to have a UndefVarError: @step not defined error trying to use @step.
Juno doc shows the step-by-step functionality (with a @enter macro), but I can’t replicate it.

Not exactly answering your question, but check this really cool package:

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See this julia-blog article.

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Also, see this recent Juno release: [ANN] Juno 0.8