How to set breakpoint in Juno?

I installed the JuliaPro and can debug the function from Juno IDE line by line. But I do not found the button to set the breakpoint. I have not found the relative information from the JunliaPro JuliaPro Quick StartGuide.
Could anyone give me some suggestion?

I think breakpoints are coming in the next Juno release.

This is possible in the latest Juno release (which will be available with the next JuliaPro release). Simply use the “toggle breakpoint” command. However, there are some issues with un-setting breakpoints right now, so you’d probably need to check out Gallium and co as well. If you’re on JuliaPro now then the best solution is almost certainly to wait :slight_smile:

Thanks for your work on Juno. This version is very useful now. The current debug function already helps me a lot. Really excited to hear about this function in the next version.

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This should get fixed up soon:

Thanks for your information. It seems that we should wait for the update of both Gallium and Juno. I transfer from Python, which has very convenient IDE such as PyDev and PyCharm. :slight_smile: Without a convenient debuger, it is just like running without shoes. Hope it can be solved very soon.

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