Can I Change Font Sizes in Julia Markdown?

Is there a way in julia Markdown, to have the font size of an output changed?

I have a representation of a cantor set.

const width = 81
const height = 5

function cantor!(lines, start, len, idx)
    seg = div(len, 3)
    if seg > 0
        for i in idx+1:height, j in start + seg + 1: start + seg * 2
            lines[i,j]= ' '
        cantor!(lines, start, seg, idx+1)
        cantor!(lines, start + 2 * seg, seg, idx + 1)

lines=fill(UInt8('#'), height, width)
cantor!(lines, 0, width, 1)

for i in 1:height, j in 1:width
    print(Char(lines[i, j]), j == width ? "\n" : "")

and I want to make the font size smaller, so it will work right, when I convert it to a pdf (lines go to far and the shape is lost, especially near the bottom.

I am not sure what that is.

But generally, Markdown per se does not support any fancy typography, it is just a simple markup language. For anything more complex you want LaTeX or similar. For graphics, you may want to invest into rendering in a bitmap (PNG) or vector format (SVG).

I’m familiar with PNG, but SVG interests me, since it would be scaleable. My next though was LaTeX, since I have a TeX editor and Weave.

What do you use for markdown, that can accommodate Julia? I’ve seen Julia markdown in VS Code, and markdown (which has something to do with Python). I’ve used notebook apps, both Jupyter and Pluto. I came across an add on for MS Word, called Writage, that turns Word into a notebook, and I’m told it works with Julia. I can try it out when I get a chance, and write a review later.

Are you talking about syntax highlighting? Pretty much all engines do a decent job with Julia, I use Chroma from Hugo for blogging.