Latex rendering in IJulia notebook Markdown cells not working

Hi there,

This is probably a very stupid question, but anyhow:

I used to have some old Jupyter notebooks for the Julia kernel 1.5.2, which rendered LaTeX excerpts inside Markdown cells seamlessly. I do not remember it exactly, but I think I did not have to do any specific configuration for that to work out of the box.
However, when I have tried, within my recently installed Julia kernel 1.6.2, for instance, the plain excerpt x, within a Markdown cell, and then Shift+Enter, it simply outputs x again. What am I missing? Should I install some specific package(s) or make some particular configuration?

I am using vanilla IJulia package, called from a usual Julia REPL (without VSCode, or any other IDE). IIRC, I used to ran my older notebooks from within an Anaconda environment, if that matters…


After restarting the notebook server everything seems to be working now. Sorry for the noise…