Printing a Julia source with unicode from Atom

Is there an accepted way to print a Julia source file keeping the Unicode intact? Thanks.

That sounds more like a font issue when printing…Can you change the font used in printing? I didn’t see a “print” option in atom did you install a package? Are you on Windows or Linux? Printing can be very OS specific.

I am on the mac. I installed PanDocs, which is supposed to convert to pdf via latex libraries. I do not have the stomach to do this, so I wanted a quick solution. It is hard to believe that a software as sophisticated as Atom is being used by developers who never print.



Sorry, I don’t have a mac. My guess would be PanDocs is using a different font that the editor, and that font doesn’t have all the symbols you use in your source code.

I agree. Good guess. I have to believe that among this Julia group that some people own macs who print! Perhaps there is a better subgroup to post to.

I wonder if you are talking about pandoc. It is pretty easy to figure out if you follow the error messages: you have to use an engine other than pdflatex, and pick a font that has the desired characters. Eg the markdown with the YAML header

mainfont: DejaVuSerif
sansfont: DejaVuSans
monofont: DejaVuSansMono
mathfont: TeXGyreDejaVuMath-Regular

# Test

α + Γ → κ

invoked with

pandoc -t latex --pdf-engine=lualatex -o test.pdf

works fine for me.

If it doesn’t, please provide an MWE and the error messages. Strictly speaking you may get better support for this at the pandoc forums, but I guess it is fine to ask here.

Great! I will certainly try this out.m Thanks!

Ok, the test, from the command line works. I note that you used a markdown file. But the files in Atom are jl files, and the unicode text are not contained within ``` symbols. So I would like a pandoc command line that operates directly on files that have the .jl extension.

No MWE yet. Or rather: any julia file. Your file without the triple quotes would do with the jl extension.

Last question for now: Pandoc converts different Markdown formats. Julia is not a markdown format. What am I missing as far as concepts? Thanks.

Unfortunately I don’t use Atom, so I cannot help you further with this. I hope someone will come along who can reproduce the error.

Ok, I did it!! Literate was the key. But I also had to install the package “markdown-to-pdf” using Atom’s package installer.

Step 1: I created a small Julia program called:

using DataFrames
using Literate
Literate.markdown("covid_gordon.jl", "."; documenter=false)

Then, inside an Atom window, open up the markdown file “”, and right-click to access the menu item “Convert to pdf” along with a shortcut key. The pdf then generates in your working directory.

Pandoc does not work because the Latex on my system cannot handle the unicode characters in the markdown file. I think Latex is overkill for this particular task.

Thank you for the help!

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