Julia Project - AIMA - GSOC2018



having gone through many of the projects, AIMA project seemed very intersesting to me. I am a third year student in the Department of Informatics and Telecommunications at the University of Athens. During the current 5th semester of studies I studied AI. What is more I have read the AIMA book and I am very interested in making, improving and learning algorthims. I enjoy adding usefull comments in my code and to create documentation for it. I have a quite good expirence with AI and AIMA code. I have a lot of ideas about this project and I have always wanted to build such a library. I would like to know how I can increase the chances to get selected for this project. I would also like to add that in my github account I have completed 2 pacman projects and kakuro project(as csp problem).

Thanks in advance,
Panagiotis Petorpoulakis

Call for Summer of Code 2018 Mentors

A history of quality contributions to Julia packages usually helps a lot for GSOC. Try to find a package you are interested in, learn its structure, start with small PRs, fixing issues etc, then move on to bigger ones.


@Tamas_Papp Thanks a lot for bringing out a very valid point.

@Panagiotis_Petropoul as you have realized by now the project in interest is a software engineering project. That means more than the complexity of the algorithms the intent will be to keep the interface usable for varied problem scenarios. Hence, will suggest you understand the language well by actively contributing to some of the packages.


@sambitdash Thank you for your reply. I will follow your advice.


I received a few questions if AIMACore or AIMASample projects are locked down for GSoC only. There is no locking down on OpenSource projects. Anyone (GSoC or otherwise) is open to contribute as long as their submissions meet the final direction of the projects. Contributing to these projects does not automatically make one eligible for GSoC 18. The selection criteria will look at demonstrated ability of the candidate to deliver software engineering projects and commitment to the project to completion etc. along with other stated selection criteria of GSoC. Mentors can only guide candidates to contribute better and help them showcase their abilities and cannot assure selection to GSoC.


I received a few mails showing interest in AIMACore and AIMASamples. If you are interested in these projects please follow the submission guidelines and submit PRs for review.

However, as I stated earlier qualification of GSoC requires establishment of interest, ability and credibility across a group of applicants who are applying for various projects. While you are genuinely interested in the project, it’s also important for you to make a persuasive application for GSoC which necessarily requires your ability to show commitment and establish your credibility in completion of the project. While mentors can guide there, they may not be able to convey if your inputs are sufficient enough for the larger selection committee.