Atom terminal cursor problem with shell mode

after a shell command like ; ls
the input line looks like this:
cursor two blanks julia>
Functionality is there, just garbled (below from copy/paste)



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Welcome to discourse! To display code, you can put it between three backticks like ``` before and after the code snippet. For your problem perhaps you could upload a screenshot of what’s going on? (you can edit your original question so the information stays near the top) Hopefully someone can help!

P.S. The recommended IDE is now Visual Studio Code.

I can’t reproduce this - what operating system and versions of Julia and all the relevant Juno packages (on Julia and Atom side) are you on?

Just the latest juliapro installation:


Is there a reason for using JuliaPro? I would highly recommend switching to a normal Julia 1.6.1 + Atom installation unless you have a burning need for JuliaPro.

This definitely doesn’t look normal. Why don’t you give Visual Studio Code a try? It’s good for beginners and advanced users alike. You have two steps: 1. Download and install Julia + 2. Download and install VSCode. If you are asked to add Julia to the PATH, select yes. It should work out of the box. If you don’t like VSCode for some reason, you can use the Julia I̶D̶E̶ REPL, which looks a bit like your screenshot but without the weirdness. Or you can use other IDEs, like Atom, PyCharm, IntelliJ, Vim, etc…

I definitively will have a look at VScode!
But what did you mean by “If you don’t like VSCode for some reason, you can use the Julia IDE”? The julia terminal, I am not aware of “the Julia IDE”?

Oh I meant after you install Julia on your system, you can click on the Julia icon and it opens a “terminal” window: IDE is definitely not the right word, sorry! More like the Julia REPL:

You can change the background colors and overall look:

Fair enough, I think I am done.

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