Atom+juno on ubuntu mate 16.04


sorry if I’m posting in the wrong place… I don’t know what is the right place to ask this, so please tell me if you know :slight_smile:
The fact is that I’m trying to install the Juno IDE on my Ubuntu mate 16.04 box. I donwload the .deb package of Atom, install it and Ctrl+, install uber-juno. But then the editor complains

Uncaught TypeError: Object.observe is not a function/home/mazzanti/.atom/packages/ink/lib/console/ Stack TraceThe error was thrown from the ink package. This issue has already been reported.

…and Julia does not work. IS there any cure for that? I’ve seen I’m not the first one to report this, but haven’t found any cure yet. Does that mean that currently it is not possible to use it in ubuntu?

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Perhaps try with the command line installation of uber-juno? just something I would try if the installation within Atom didn’t work.

apm install uber-juno


Looks like your copy of the ink package is out of date somehow. Try checking for updates in Atom’s settings view.


sorry I don’t know how to update the ink package. Could you explain a bit more? Thanks…


Take a look in atom’s settings and click “packages”. You should see a view of all the packages you have installed, including ink, and there should be an upgrade button if you’re out of date.