Error in last Juno


I have downloaded the last versions of Juno, Atom, and Julia. I follow the steps for the installation of Juno IDE. However, after I install all packages, Atom show me the error message “Julia Client requires the Ink package to run. You can install it from the settings view.”. I have seen that Ink package is installed.

Please, could you help me, I’m new in Julia.

Best Oscar

same here… :-((

tried to install an older version of ink and the same problem


Try JuliaPro.

Thanks, It is interesting, but I use Debian/Linux. Is there an
installation package for linux.? I only see for Windows and Mac…

In that case, try to make sure that things work from the command line (load the required package, check Pkg.status(), do a Pkg.update(), etc).

What version of Julia are you using?

I’m using Julia 0.5.0, and the packages are updated.

Are you sure that the ink packages is enabled in Atom? You can check that from the same Settings → Packages menu where you verified that ink was installed. If it was not enabled, you’ll see a button to Enable it.

I’ve had a similar error to yours when I accidentally had ink disabled: Juno wouldn’t install it because it was already installed, but I couldn’t use it because it wasn’t enabled.

This might happen because ink isn’t installable right now:

I just pushed an ink tag so you should be able to update it from the settings view and get it working.

FWIW, I believe there’s now a Linux build of JuliaPro.

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