ARPM Open Source Conference call for speakers



Hi all,
I’m Matteo Ipri and I write to you on behalf of my employer ARPM (

At ARPM we develop educational material about quantitative finance.
During the years we have written much code in several programming languages to support the theory and the exercises that are exposed in our Lab.
In the last year we integrated JupyterHub in our Lab to let the students and the users run the code in the cloud.
If you would like to take a tour of the Lab and the code we host, you can register to the website and we can give you an early access to that code on the Lab.

Every year we organize a week-long event, the Bootcamp: an Intensive, heavily quantitative, comprehensive 6-day course, with 50 hours of instruction (lectures and practice sessions) and several networking possibilities in New York.

This year we are organizing an Open Source Conference on the day before the Bootcamp and we would be honored to have some talks about how Free and Oper Source Software can be used in the finance world and the benefits it has over closed-source counterparts.
Is anyone willing to take part?

More than 300 attendees will be at the event and we think this is another great opportunity to spread the word about FOSS!

I look forward to hearing from you and feel free to ask for more information.

Thanks for your attention,
Matteo Ipri


Had to dig around for some information:

New York City | August 13, 2017

Sounds interesting!


Oh, yes, I’m sorry! I forgot to add the links to the text in the original post!

@ChrisRackauckas has already given the most important info, but I can had direct links to the Lab and to the Bootcamp


Hi everybody,
We have updated our page about the event ( with a draft agenda based on what was scheduled last year.
We still have some free time slots for talks about Julia.
Who wants to leverage this opportunity to speak in front of more than 300 attendees?


Looks great but I don’t see any funding.


No, there’s no budget at moment for speaker funding. We still think that the visibility one gets on the global level from so many people is a great opportunity we can give.

@ChrisRackauckas Do you know someone Julia collegue in NY/NJ? Maybe, you can connect me with them so as to see if there is a possibility of doing a talk about Julia at our Open Source Conference. :slight_smile: