JuliaCon 2018: Call for Proposals



It is my pleasure to announce that the call for proposals for JuliaCon 2018 is now open.

Please visit http://juliacon.org/2018/cfp for all the details.

All speakers encouraged!
Call for Participation closes: April 30th, 11:04pm (UTC)
Estimated notification: May 14th

If you are a community member unable to afford travel to JuliaCon2018, please apply for financial support at https://goo.gl/forms/UHHYvk2WGNJa33F52 by April 30.

On behalf of the JuliaCon 2018 committee,

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I’d like to request an introductory talk on meta programming. I’d love to learn more about how it is used in interesting ways to solve problems that would otherwise be more difficult to solve.


I would like to attend a talk on JuMP and and other optimization tools and packages present in Julia.
Please do have a talk on that.
Thank you.


@vchuravy I have searched everywhere, in all related websites with the event, but I could not find any statement about whether the participation is free, or there is some kind of participation fee, for speakers.

Would you be kind to enlighten me and anyone else that may share the question?


It is a bit hidden but the information is indeed part of the cfp :slight_smile:

Travel assistance
Travel assistance (in form of reimbursement of costs for flight and housing) and/or a reduced conference ticket is available for a limited number of speakers, particularly those who bring new perspectives and diverse backgrounds to JuliaCon. Details will be send out after the call for proposals closes.

Since we are a non-profit conference we sadly can’t pay every speaker their conference tickets.
We have funds available (due to some amazing sponsors) to cover conference tickets and travel costs for a subset of speakers and we will have a call towards the end of the CfP where you can apply for that.


@vchuravy thank you for the reply, but this was not what I was asking. In fact I have also indeed found this section on the cfp page.

Let me rephrase my question now, since your reply made it clear that there is a conference fee: How much is that fee? Unfortunately I cannot find this anywhere in both the cfp and the main JuliaCon page (and “buy tickets” does not work yet).


@Datseris I’m not sure how much help this is, but last year tickets for the workshop where 200 dollars ( https://www.eventbrite.com/e/juliacon-2017-tickets-31531297961?discount=) and I think talks where another 200 dollars, although discounts existed for combined / early bird / student tickets. As a ballpark estimate, I’d assume tickets for JuliaCon '18 would be between £200-300.


We are not quite ready yet to announce ticket prices, but we hope to do so soon. Stay tuned for an announcement here.


The JuliaCon2018 committee is soliciting volunteers for the proposal-selection committee. Volunteers will read anonymized proposals and evaluate them for their likely interest to the Julia community. Final selections will be made via several virtual meetings. It is also anticipated that volunteers will help select recipients of presenter travel scholarships. If you would like to serve in this capacity, please fill out https://goo.gl/forms/h77xcrqoyEpIP6TO2.

Also as an important heads-up: proposals are flowing in at a satisfying rate. We know that many conferences use a “soft” deadline, extending it to allow stragglers to get their proposals in a few days after the deadline. We have done that in some past years, but if we have all the proposals we can plausibly review by the time of the deadline (April 30), then it is likely that we will simply close the CfP. As a consequence, if you’re hoping to present at JuliaCon, we strongly urge you to get your proposal in by the deadline.

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