Talks in the JuliaCon 2017 conference

Will the conference material be online soon, or do we need to wait some time, e.g., a month or so, for the material to be shared?

Apologies in advance if I have missed some announcement regarding this information.


Last year, things were posted pretty quickly after the end of the conference (IIRC, a week or so). Even though I’m attending, there’s some talks I’ll miss, because too many good talks, so I’ll also be looking forward to them!


Some presenters have posted about their presentation materials on Twitter.

I would encourage others (@kslimes ?) to post links to slides, etc. in this thread so that we can follow along at home.


See also


I’d rather wait 3 more months for GOT than one for julia-con videos. just sayin :smiley:

edit: just adding that I meant this tongue in cheek with very much respect gratefulness to the people who do the work of getting the videos out there for us.


That’s what I was afraid of — when we check Youtube, the videos are all uploaded 10 months ago, which translates roughly to what you are claiming :pensive:

Which GOT?

I’m guessing this one: Game of Thrones - Wikipedia


I think the committee has started uploading the videos to the official YouTube channel.

Were the videos removed? I don’t see any on the JuliaLanguage page anymore.

Some videos are back up. And my name is spelled wrong again :smile:.

I hope that eventually you are well known enough in the julia community that your name will be spelled properly Kris :stuck_out_tongue:.


Workshop from David Sanders An Invitation to Julia: Towards Version 1.0 video ends abruptly. Hope they upload full video of that session. And the talks on Flux and Tensorflow is not uploaded yet :frowning: .

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JuliaCon videos are a treat.
Yet the naming currently is bad.

Could someone add to the title of the video (Name of the Video) the subject the video is all about?
The name of the lecturer, though important, tells too little for someone who isn’t familiar with the people.

Thank You.

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You can look up the talk titles/abstracts here: JuliaCon 2017, Berkeley, CA
Although I agree the video titles could be better.

It is unfortunate that some videos are coming out not synchronized with the audio and even sometimes mixed up. The microphones are not working in some of the talks, the audio quality sometimes goes down in the middle of the presentation. I have just noticed that the Junet.jl and Seismic.jl talks were merged together without a single mention to the latter in the title.

Are these uploads being made by someone that was paid for this? Can you get the money back? :confused:


I’d assumed that the videos were being made by volunteers generously donating their time and effort —so I was feeling a bit guilty about quietly griping about, say, the layout and spelling of David Sanders’ presentation:

(Sadly inaudible…)

I’d been blaming technical gremlins. But there might be other reasons…

It is unfortunate that the videos have issues. However, we don’t have the manpower to review all videos before releasing them. We collect the issues reported and the vendor is trying to fix the issues as they are reported. E.g., the synchronization issues should be fixable but some of the sound related issues might be because the speaker walks away from the video microphone. In those cases, it might be difficult to recover the sound. The typos are unfortunate but easy to fix.

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@andreasnoack, would it be plausible to have each speaker review their own video? I think we all can help with this process. Divide and conquer.

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Where’s the spelling mistake? I see one instance of British vs. American spelling there, but since he’s British…