Adjust the Number of Columns and Row displayed in Atom Drop-Down

Hi there :slight_smile:
Is there a way to adjust the number of rows (and columns) in the Drop-Down list that is displayed after executing an expression in Atom? I’d like to see for most of the time the entire Array / DataFrame etc.
This functionality would enable me to view an entire DataFrame in the Editor without the need of storing it as a CSV or displaying it in the Browser.

As I recall, the default setup was once to display the entire output and you could scroll through it. Now you only see head and tails of the DataFrame. I think that’s a fair adjustment but I’d just like to have the possibility to switch between this to modes.

I guess it shouldn’t be too difficult to change it, but I haven’t found the property so far. Can anyone with more experience with Atom help me with this? Thanks

Not immediately useful, but @pfitzseb is working up some table viewing magic, see recent discussion in the Juno slack channel here

I don’t think it’s easily possible to extend the range included in the inline display in Juno without changing internals.

That said, the table viewer is coming along nicely:

Really Nice :ok_hand:

Ah okay, I just thought this could be easy to implement since it was a feature in an earlier version.
Would it be possible to display the entire Array instead of choosing a range?