DataFrames: display in a Jupyter notebook

I’d like to display all 9 columns of a DataFrame in Jupyter notebook, but the system decides to omit the 2 rightmost columns because it thinks there is a lack of space.

I know I can show all columns with the show(dataframe, allcols=true) construct, but the resulting table is less elegant than the one I get without using show().


Is there a way to overrule the system so that command df[1:3,:] shows all columns?

Try ENV["COLUMNS"]=120


Thanks, that did the trick!
[Based on limited trial and error, I suspect the default is ENV["COLUMNS"]=80…, which reminds me of good old FORTRAN coding template sheets… that I used as a student to hand in hand-written FORTRAN code to the punchers… :-o ]

TableView.jl should work in IJulia. It enables (Lazy!) loading of DataFrames for infinite scrolling.

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How do you pass the HTML MIME type to show so that the HTML table is displayed in Jupiter? That should be a more elegant solution