Workspace is empty

I am new to Juno and Julia. I have successfully installed the Juno package and can run some commands on the console. However, nothing appears in the workspace. Perhaps I am mis-understanding the purpose of the workspace, or its not working. Any help here would be appreciated.

I’m not sure it’s fully implemented yet? It might be just on master? @pfitzseb @MikeInnes

I think it should work on release too, but can’t check today. Did you try evaluating something like a=3 in the console while the workspace pane is visible, @depasquale?

Hi, yes, that is exactly what I tried. Just evaluate a simple expression in the console and see if it appears in the workspace, which it didn’t.

Alright, I’ll have a look at this tomorrow.

Hi, just following up on this thread. My problem persists. Thanks

Even on the latest version of Juno, with up-to-date Atom and Julia packages? I can’t reproduce your problem there, so it’s kinda hard to debug.

It’s working for me too. Julia v0.6. Maybe hasn’t upgraded yet?

I just did a clean re-install of everything and that fixed the problem. I think the key was that I was using an older version of Julia (0.4.6). Thanks for all the help.