Why won't some talks be recorded?

I am curious why some talks on the JuliaCon schedule https://pretalx.com/juliacon2019/schedule/ won’t be recorded. Some of these can be really useful for the wider audience that isn’t able to attend the conference. Is this the desire of the speakers or are there other reasons, e.g. overlap with monetized courses offered elsewhere? If the speakers don’t mind being recorded, would it make sense for some of these talks to be made available for a limited time before getting removed, even for a fee?


What taks? I think it is just BOF (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Birds_of_a_feather_(computing)) and the workshops that will not be recorded. And in fact, I think a few of the workshops was changed to be recorded.

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Yes I was referring to the workshops and BOF. Some of these look really useful.


Most workshops are not recorded as they are highly interactive, and include just people sitting at desked working on problem sets and getting help.
So nothing to record.
Beyond a brief intro. It would be a recording that just showing a website with a list of exercises.

BoFs are not recorded becase they are literally group discussions, so way to hard to record anything.
And kinda intrustive to people chatting to be recording them. BoFs are super informal, they have moderators not presentors.

A few other talks are not recorded at the request of the presentors, which is their right.

One thing we should consider in future is allowing people to join the BoFs remotely. Obviously this would require the necessary technology (some sort of video conference setup), but I think it could help with accessibility.

my experience suggests that that is impacticle.
Particularly since one would likely have dozens online.

Video calls are hard enough when it is small number involved.
When you have a dozen online and a dozen in the room.
With excited people all talking at once.

More reasonable I think are more local events,
like meetups, JuMP workshop, Vizcon,
and regular online BoFs (which some julia subcommunities/project do have already effectively, e.g the fortnightly Triage Call (which IIRC is open to anyway))


Weren’t all the workshops recorded last year? I certainly watched a few of them and found them very interesting. Perhaps the format changed?


Yes, the workshop format changed significantly.
Last year they were just long talks really.
This year they were strongly designed not to be
(though we may have failed. I have no idea, I wasn’t in all of them)

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