Thanks for a great conference!



Just wanted to thank the JuliaCon committee, the Julia Computing folks, and other sponsors for putting on a such a good conference. It was an amazing lineup of speakers, and everything from the facilities to the sidebar discussions was first-rate.

I wanted to specifically mention the Thursday evening poster session. Having an organized but informal way to hear about (and see) what other Julia users are working on, and to discuss research ideas, was one of the highlights of the conference for me.

It was great to finally meet all the folks I’ve been communicating with via discourse and gitter, and I’m looking forward to the next get-together.


Sounds like it was great!

For those of us that unfortunately couldn’t make it: is there any idea when the talks will be online? I’m rather desperate to watch many of them! Most importantly I’d like to see the talks about the immediate future of Julia, i.e. the Julia Roadmap (even just the slides), but also many other talks!


Just want to second this. It was an exceptionally high quality conference. I can’t wait for the videos to make it online either as I need to watch several of the presentations again to catch all the details and follow up on references, etc.

Thanks for a truly great conference.


Kudos to all those who kept the Twitter hashtag flowing with interesting snippets + links to slides!

Even from far away I felt quite involved. Certainly I’m also looking forwards to watching some of the talks when they’re available on YouTube.


The recordings need a little post processing but, hopefully, the first videos will be made available during the upcoming week. We’ll make an announcement when they are posted.


Yes, indeed, it was a great event, and thanks are due to the organisers.

I should also clarify that while Julia Computing was one of the (many) sponsors, the event was organised by by an independent committee, most of whom are unaffiliated with JC. The kudos for the event should go to them… I know it was hard work. Specially Andreas and Valentin, without whom none of this would have been possible.




Thank you for the clarification. I’ve edited my original post.


In the interim, for those of us who could not attend, are the presentation slides available? I know that some of them definitely are but I haven’t seen an organized way of finding them.


I think a complete list is being worked on :slight_smile:


So many great talks. Always interesting to see what other people are doing in Julia!


Thanks a lot for posting all the videos on youtube.

Leaving far away, kept busy with a lot of work, tight on the money today.
All those make that been able to quickly follow the tracks and jump on the bandwagon is a big deal to me.

Thanks again Julia Team !