JuliaCon 2021 schedule of talks and workshops

When will the schedule be available? Some time to plan would be helpful (even if it’s online :slight_smile: ).

For example I was interested in the Diffractor.jl workshop, and I can only guess at this point that is sometime the week before the conference.

Can someone point me to something more specific?
PS I registered to the Conference, will we be receiving more details by email soon?


Hi @gianmariomanca, the schedule for the main conference is still being finalized, but you can find the workshop schedule here:


Thank you! Can you clarify how will the workshops work? I see youtube live links in the page.
Will there be some form of interactivity with the audience? And if so how will it be managed?

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It’s up to the speakers to organize how to run their workshops. They are 3 hours, but with some breaks. You can ask questions via the Youtube chat.

You can see examples of previous workshops on the JuliaLang YouTube channel


The JuliaCon WS YouTube live chat links display the message: “Remember to guard your privacy”.
What does that mean exactly?

Thank you.

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“Remember to guard your privacy”. What does that mean exactly?

The chat will be public and archived for anyone to read in future. It is not restricted to just the people watching live.

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It’s here now https://pretalx.com/juliacon2021/schedule/


A suggestion. The workshops are great and they will most likely be used as reference in the future. I would strongly recommends to add “timestamps” to the start of various “sections” now that they are recorder. It would make them extremely more valuable as quick references.

See Video Chapters - YouTube Help.

I’m thinking about Package development in VSCode | Workshop | JuliaCon 2021 - YouTube or DataFrames.jl 1.0 tutorial | Workshop | JuliaCon 2021 - YouTube for example.


Agreed! Would love if folks could help out with this as we are stretched thin on the organizing side.

That’s a good suggestion and perfect for crowd-sourcing. An easy way to get this done is for you to write a comment on youtube with the timestamps in the right format, then send a message so that somebody can insert that at the correct place.


Ah, too bad seeing Diffractor workshop being cancelled. It was the one I anticipated the most. Was there any announcement about it?