JuliaCon 2019 livestreams

I cannot find any livestreams from JuliaCon 2019. Will there be any?

I got a reply to this question here: https://www.reddit.com/r/Julia/comments/cgae0g/juliacon_livestream/

Apparently, talks are live-streamed, and workshops will be uploaded after they end. Not sure exactly where they will go, but most likely on Julia’s youtube channel.


I can confirm this. Workshop recordings will be uploaded to Julia’s YouTube channel approximately 1 hours after they end. Talks will be live.


I don’t see any live-stream links. Should that start today or tomorrow?

Tomorrow. Today is only workshops and those (at least some of them) are recorded but not live streamed.

From the schedule it looks like two of the workshops I was really looking forward to won’t be recorded, the DiffEq and package dev. Is there any particular reason?


It was a great conference, all the people I got to meet were fantastic and it was a bit surreal getting to be there with such great people all around. Thanks!

Julia language is what got me into participating with and releasing free software, this language community really changed my life I have to say.

It’s also convenient that the talks are available on video, unlike any other conferences I have been to.


I’m grateful for that and the work/expense that goes into it happen in a high quality. You can be, a little bit, offgrid and still watch. I will look at more videos later, the one below was a marvelous one:

no gripes :wink: