JuliaCon 2020 is going virtual

JuliaCon 2020 will now be a fully online conference. With all the uncertainties due to Coronavirus, this seems like the best option to keep everyone safe, and provide some certainty in planning.

Many details are still to be finalised, and we’ll say more soon. In particular, details about the schedule, tickets and registration will be communicated in the next two weeks. Watch this space!

Talk reviews have been completed, and acceptance decisions will be made very soon.

Watch this space!


Avik, on behalf of the organising committee.


While this is obviously the correct decision, I’m super sad that we can’t have it in Portugal as planned :cry: I was soo much looking forward to JuliaCon in Lisbon :sunglasses:


Yeah that’s unfortunate, I planned to ride there on my GS so for me it’s a double fail. Anyways, it’s good for our health, the environment and it’s one of the cheapest options… at least some positive things :wink:


Is there a possibility that the 2021 JuliaCon could be held in Lisbon (as opposed to moving it back to the US, or to another international location) (assuming of course, that travel to Europe is possible, etc.)
I know I was very much looking forward to that!


I am interested very much, but I had no experience, please help and guide

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It would’Ve been my first time in Lisbon and my first time at a JuliaCon. That’s a pity, but necessary.

On the other side the German CCC (Chaos Computer Club) did a small even over easter digitally and that was quite fun. So I am looking forward to hearing more details, also what’s happening to tickets and such. Thanks for the update.

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That’s too bad! Virtually I don’t expect as much as from a real personal meeting. On the cost of the flight I will probably be stuck, unless TAP cancels the flight… :unamused:

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I think this is actually a great opportunity. One great thing is that it is better for the environment. Another is that currently, there are a few blessed people, who can come to juliacon physically. And probably thousands of people, who can not. Moving it online, might be a drawback for the former group, but I think will be an improvement for the latter group.


But it’s great opportunity for us))

Ha! Nice to see you here :wink:

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Me too :+1:

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@jw3126, If the Julia Con on screen is enough for you, you can watch the Julia Con 2019 on YouTube:

I think there will be the same for the Julia Con 2020. Either way…


After some googling I assume you mean a BMW motorcycle, but as an old fan of The Who, at first I thought you meant a scooter, and I was impressed by that!

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Yes, it is great that these videos are online. Still a conference is more then a collection of talks. There are informal discussions, you can connect with people and then there is also the hackathon. I think this time in addition to videos, the world can participate more in these other things. Especially for the hackathon I have high hopes.


Last year we shared on slack the hackaton idea I was working on and we got a lot of live contributions from people that weren’t there. I assume other people had similar experiences during these years.


I think that the advantages are understood, it’s just that this year this is not possible.


I think you are quoting this out of context. I am arguing that while this might be indeed less possible then usual for people that would attend juliacon physically, it will be more possible for the rest of the community.


Thanks for clarifying, and sorry for missing the context.


Yes, doing it online is not the same as doing it physically. I personally value the face2face contact a lot, and I know many other people in our community do so as well. You can’t say this for every conference, but for JuliaCon I firmly believe it to be valuable. I’m cognizant of the downsides – not everyone can travel to a conference – and we try to mitigate it as best as we can. We try to move between North America and Europe, travel subsidies are by far the biggest line item in our budget, and we do livecast almost all talks. However, we know that this doesnt reach everyone.

So while this decision has been forced on us, we are trying hard to get something positive out of it. This gives us the opportunity now have a much bigger event. Instead of the few who came to JuliaCon last year, can we get a much larger community to participate this year? The logistics are not easy, timezones are particularly hard, but we’re thinking about it, so watch this this space.