Why a non Google friendly product name?

Dear Julia Team,

When creating a new product would it not be more helpful to use a more unique product name? That would make the querying in search engines much simpler with much less white noise. As a user of a new programming language I would hope to be able to search in a very specific way. But the product name “Julia” will most likely just maximize the white noise in the results.


I usually search here directly, or append julia programming to the search query

Just search „Julia lang“ and you will get what you want


“.jl” is also quite unique and useful


I really don’t get this. Swift and Python are both english words. What is the big deal? If you write programming in your query it will give you results about Julia programs not about Julia Roberts, that is all you have to do.

Even without writting programming if you add a word that is likely to have any relation with programming then results seem to be well retrieved.

The more people use the language the more likely this will happen.


Or R, C …


We thought “Julia” was a nice name. It’s friendly, pleasant and easy for people from many places around the world to read and pronounce in their own languages. Here are some languages whose names have another common meaning:

  • C
  • Go
  • Java
  • Lisp
  • Python
  • R
  • Ruby
  • Rust
  • Scheme
  • Swift

I imagine that you’ve heard of a few of these. People have been successfully searching for material in these languages pretty much forever. As @carstenbauer pointed out, searching for <term> + “jl” works remarkably well for finding Julia-specific things. Often you can search for “<term>.jl” and find a Julia package by that name that does what you’re interested in.

And of course, this ship has sailed—it’s about 5 years too late to seriously consider changing the name :slight_smile:


There are some girls whose name is Julia Lang. Lang is a last name in many nations.


I didn´t know there where sooo many programming languages. After the name Julia, I like Plankalkül most on the list (I like german names). Interesting story behind it too I think.

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I’m surprised about the negativity of some of the reactions. I would prefer if rationality could prevail over Ideology in this community.

I will try to explain my point with an example:
Let’s assume I am looking for julia and structural equation models.

STRATEGY 1: I google for “julia structural equation models”

Problem: Many of the articles have nothing to do with the programming language Julia.
Let’s assume my preferred and most useful result was https://github.com/richardkwo/InvariantCausal.jl .

STRATEGY 2: I google for “julia lang structural equation models”
Problem: My best result has disappeared!

STRATEGY 3: I google for “julia language structural equation models”
Problem: My best result has disappeared again!

STRATEGY 4: I google for “julia programming structural equation models”
Problem: And again my best result has disappeared!

@davidbp: Yes, other programming languages made the same naming mistakes. (Especially in the pre search engine era.) Does that mean that it is good? I thought Julia was just about making things better than other programming languages. And that starts with the name.

@carstenbauer, @StefanKarpinski : Yes, there are workarounds that work “remarkably well”. (And .jl works in this example.) But as the name says these are WORKAROUNDS. And workarounds are used to avoid an intrinsic problems.

Personally I would consider an answer like “yes the problem can arise but there are workarounds that work quite well” more honest and less ideologically driven.


Maybe it’s because your very first sentence in this thread was

“When creating a new product would it not be more helpful to use a more unique product name?”

In some ears, this might sound a bit offensive.

Talking about rationality, Julia is about 6 years old. So, personally, I don’t think it’s very rational to start a discussion about the language’s name in the first place. Discussing techniques to get better search results is however perfectly reasonable. I think you got plenty of fair answers here as well.


I am sorry if my comment sounded harsh. People in this forum is very helpful. I am sure you will find help if you ask for concrete questions.

In my humble opinion what really does not seem to be a rational decision is to change the name of language for the problem you mention. Specially after so many years. It’s not even rational to start a thread with a name When creating a new product... since the product has been around for several years and version 1 is already out.

In any case I’m not sure what ideology that would be (SJW ?). I did not intented to sound like a Social Julian Warrior or a Superior Julian Warrior.


If you have trouble finding something, just ask!

There are plenty of threads of the form: “Does anyone know of a good library for doing X”.
Examples: Need to make a custom plot, Package for tabular data, and many more…

I’m sure you will find this community is always willing to help

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Choosing a name doesn’t really seem like a matter of ideology, it’s more a matter of taste—for which there is notoriously no accounting. By the criterion of unique naming and findability, we could have called the language “SzP03DaM”, but that doesn’t have much of a ring to it. We aren’t going to change the name at this point, so there’s not much to do here aside from people giving tips on how to find things.


On my computer,

“julialang structural equation models”

gives InvariantCausal.jl as the second top item of Page 1, while

“julia lang structural equation models”

does not. So, using “julialang” (no space) might help a bit… (like dlang, golang, etc).


“structural equation models jl” gets it as the top result, so using “jl” is an effective tip. It’s also less typing than “julialang” or “julia lang”, so that’s also nice :smile:


I’m curious what exactly are the results you see. My top list for this query (ran from incognito mode in Chrome) is:

  • GitHub - richardkwo/InvariantCausal.jl: Causal Inference with Invariant …
  • Julia.jl/Statistics.md at master · svaksha/Julia.jl · GitHub
  • Julia Developer - Who is working on structural equation modelling
  • Point, click and Structural Equation Modeling - The Julia Group
  • Random Rambling on Structural Equation Models - The Julia Group
  • Damn! There really IS a structural equation modeling for dummies

I remember there was time when googling for "julia lang " gave Facebook profiles of some nice girls, but since that time Google seems to have learnt about the language and I can’t really repeat that experiment any more. Does Google track me harder than I thought?

Oh. I hope you didn’t take my answer badly. That was not my intention. I just remembered what happend when I started to search for things about R… little luck.

I partly agree with you. Luckily, I think googled has learned what I want when searching for julia + something. The more you search, the better it gets (maybe).

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Out of curiosity, what name would you propose for the language formerly known as Julia? Did you have something specific in mind?

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The problem is worse for other languages, for example “GO”.

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