Why a non Google friendly product name?


Nosferatu, it has all the elegance and beauty that encompasses the language😀


:joy: love it


As my handle is Nosferican, I approve of Nosferatu… I have been teased at work because I am always with Julia and someone asks and they tell them is my gf and then na’ the language…


Whenever I look for code explicitly, I always try to append the search with github This way you more or less only find repositories in your search


Yes to me that is also the most unfortunate side effect - all the way from my wife complaining that in yet another weekend I’ve spent more time with Julia than with her, or colleagues asking me why I have a sticker with the name of my PhD student on my laptop…


Not my problem, since my wife shares the name with this beautiful language. I won’t forget that question mark on my advisor’s face, however, when I said “I can’t build julia” in answer to his question “how’s the project going”.


Incidentally, where can one get stickers? Possibly in Europe, to avoid the whole shipping-customs hassle.


I got mine from pkofod. Otherwise apparently the approach is to email Viral and Jeff directly :open_mouth: https://julialang.slack.com/archives/C680MM7D4/p1542824311694200


I asked a colleague from a different institution who’d expressed interest in the language “are you making any headway with Julia?” and his jaw dropped, but then he stuttered “eh, actually, yes”. It turned out that a few days before he’d asked his girlfriend, named Julia, to marry him. It took like 5-10 full minutes before we realized the mistake.


It’s a great name for a programming language.


Avik was kind enough to send some over to me from London.


I still have quite a few, I could send you some @Tamas_Papp .

For what it’s worth, I like the name. As someone mentioned above, you’d get a lot of facebook and linkedin hits for Julia Lang’s 2-3 years ago, but that is mostly gone now.


I think the premise of the question is invalid: with the correct search terms, it is easy to make most of the returned results about Julia. Some quick exploration confirms this (relevant hits/total, totals vary because of search engine heuristics and offered images/videos I guess):

Google DuckDuckGo Bing
julia language 9/9 10/10 8/8
julia lang 6/7 7/10 7/10
fft jl 10/10 10/10 9/10

YMMV, but these are very good signal/noise ratios.

Next time please kindly take a minute to check before proposing such a major change.


I don’t think anyone uses a programming language because it has a fancy name. When you have a baby, you choose its name, others don’t necessarily get to vote :wink: