What options can I tweak to make Juno feel less lethargic?

I open up Juno and I try using CSV and it feels like 30s has passed before it can register the action. Normally, in Julia REPL it only takes about 3s.

What options can I choose to helpo with this? I tried cycler, it didn’t help.

See https://youtu.be/o-g9tVM550Q

Switch to Sublime Text 3 :wink: Here is the startup, and here is the execution of some code.

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But seriously: I think pre-compilation is hidden in that observed delay.

It’s weird the same task only takes 3 seconds and in juno takes 10, sometimes 30

You are right, something is going on.



Saw the guide here. IT’s way too complicated and involves so many steps. Definitely a barrier to entry.

I have a Sublime License for many years… just waiting for a julia package that ties all of these together.

BTW, vscode is failing as well on v1.3


This happened about one year ago. Thought it was partially fixed

Sorry, I don’t follow. This is in reference to what?

The issue with juno slow downs

I don’t remember that. Perhaps @pfitzseb would know what is going on?

See my post Why does Juno make my code run slower than in VScode?

I can’t repro this:

Did you make sure that Juno and the REPL are running the exact same versions of Julia, CSV.jl, and all dependencies?

There is also some work happening (asynchronously) when starting a new process (and at some other points as well, e.g. when compiling the code for generating the outline or completions and so on), so maybe that factors in here?

On Julia 1.3rc4. Switching back to Julia 1.2 solves the issue. So the issue for me is with Julia 1.3-rc4. The problem is also not there with Julia 1.3-rc3, so seems to be an issue with rc4.