What is the most Julia-associated emoji character?

I’m translating some tutorial notebooks from Python to Julia. The existing notebooks use the :snake: emoji to indicate “level of Python expertise required”:

What would be the best emoji to use to express “level of Julia expertise required”?

If nobody has any good ideas, I might go with


for the three levels of difficulty (green, purple, red circle emoji, looks a bit weird here), or I might end up using a small png file of the logo instead of an emoji


I think there was a phone named “Dispatch” on some YouTube channel that people rather liked, but I can’t remember where

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The other emojis that come to mind is the therefore sign and the square four dot, but there’s no colors and they’re not supported by the parser, even though \therefore tab completion works for typing. The colored dots sound good, you also have the 4th blue dot above the j for another rank.

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I like this, personally. Worth noting that Julia Mono has the logo in the Private Use Area. It isn’t in full color / an emoji, but the link says “if you ask nicely I might add some more”, and an emojified Julia logo seems like a good candidate. It wouldn’t need a separate codepoint, it could be a ligature of the existing Julia logo with the emoji presentation selector '\u{FE0F}'.

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