What is the meaning behind Julia lang logo?

Hi Julia Comunity!

I have tried to search almost everywhere and I can not find what is the meaning of the Julia lang logo.
I’ve found the name “Julia” meaning here Why is the name of the language "Julia"? but no mention about Julia logo,

Do someone here know what is the meaning of Julia Logo? I’m just curious :smiley:



The four circles represent the four founders of the Julia language: Jeff, Stefan, Alan, and Viral: the “four horsemen of the array-pocalypse”.

(Just kidding - I have no idea.)


I’d venture to say no meaning, just aesthetics… unless each dot represents one of the co-creators :thinking:

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I read somewhere in the past that the coloured dots represent the different application field that julia users often focus on. Can’t remember where I’ve read it and which colour relates to which field but maybe someone else can chime in here and tell us more about it (or if this hypothesis is completely incorrect after all).

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It dates waaay back to some ASCII art Jeff drew. The very same ASCII art that you see upon launching Julia these days. Then my understanding is that Stefan found a nice font (MN Latin) to make the real graphics version. Not sure where the idea for the ∴ dot arrangement came from, but the color palette was limited to terminal colors (see ASCII art above). Also it looks like we’ve taken a square root at some point along the way.

Knowing @jeff.bezanson, he’ll probably add three more apocryphal reasons for the design along with those listed here. :slight_smile:


Some kind of vowel-based code, perhaps…?


Julia is ∴ you

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Compiler interpreted logo as follows:
Join 1 Unique Language Instead of Absorbing 3