Julia Circles Unicode Emoji

I wanted the julia circles logo for my personal website. Although this is possible to draw and include it as a picture, I wondered if there was a unicode character that I could use. It seems there is none.

Is there interest from the community to create one and apply collectively to the Unicode Consortium? The design is easy and can be done using Luxor.jl.

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After reading this:


I’d suggest that it’s not worth pursuing… Logos are specifically excluded.


Not color, but there’s always Therefore sign - Wikipedia


Typically the way to do this — especially on the web — is not with Unicode but with something like FontAwesome. See the request here: Icon request: Julia · Issue #14187 · FortAwesome/Font-Awesome · GitHub

We also have custom emoji here with :julia: :julia:

And see also the thread for LaTeX: Is there a Julia Latex "symbol"? So Latex in Latex is `\LaTeX{}`, is there somethi


That’s cool, I didn’t know! But I noticed that it’s a very old version of the logo:

It’s the old two-tone version, and it’s also slightly transparent, which makes it look wrong on a dark background:

whereas you probably want:



Interestingly, in various platforms like Notion, I’ve adopted the snake emoji :snake: to symbolize Python. Recently, I’ve been contemplating an appropriate emoji for Julia. I realized that the abacus emoji :abacus: is quite fitting, as it not only represents mathematics but also features colored dots. Do you have a specific emoji that you use to represent Julia?

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:woman_juggling: or :traffic_light: might be close

abacus could be misinterpreted perhaps


I like the :person_juggling: one, even if the discourse one is not as nice and clean as others 🤹 Person Juggling Emoji

I think Discourse shows you the Twitter emoji set, not the Apple/Google/Microsoft ones. Emojis are not always very good for communicating clearly… :slight_smile: