Julia organization logos

Out of curiosity I assembled all the Julia organization logos I could find (I think I’ve missed a few. Some haven’t yet been made.)

Some are obvious, some are easy to guess…a few are puzzling. Can you guess them all?

I think these would be a good addition to the Julia community page. Anyone fancy adding a PR (or suggesting the HTML/CSS I’d need to add them)?


I am trying to start an ecojulia organization for ecology in julia. It doesn’t have any registered packages yet… Though I hope that will happen not too far in the future.


JuliaFEM logo


Nice for a banner! For the logo itself, you could just do:


Done! :slight_smile: I bet you did that in Luxor?

Yes, indeed. :slight_smile: But I should have used the correct rotation angle - 137.5°, instead of pi/6…

I think this is a nice idea. Would you share the code?

Here’s the gist. You can name the species — perhaps Aster juliensis :slight_smile:


Perhaps add to Julia Community page someday?

Yes, we will need to do that. Thanks for pointing this out.

JSO Logo


Awesome :slight_smile:

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Maybe it would be nice for people to put the code they used to generate the other Julia org logs up, like you did (if the logo was generated - the one I did for JuliaLangPt was by hand, and could use replacing by somebody with more artistic skills!)

The JuliaData organization —“the future of tabular data” — is currently looking for a logo.

Submit your ideas, and votes, now.

A while ago Wikidata organized a vote to choose their logo. All the proposals were openly-licensed, as usual in Wikimedia projects, so they could be used for inspiration, or even as basis for derivatives.