Adding Julia meaning to FAQ

For anyone new to Julia, a major question in their mind is the origin story of the name “Julia” and the logo design. I found this about the logo and a casual/flippant mention of “Jeff’s Uncommon Lisp Is Automated” being JULIA. The FAQ however, is oddly terse, with just a “No” being an answer to whether Julia is a person or thing.
My request here is merely that a better, more credible explanation be provided in the FAQ and on Wikipedia. While most of us would love it if Julia was the name of some person that the founders knew, all of us know that there’s no smoke without a fire. The name and logo had some reason for being created. For a language that’s going to be the future language of Machine Learning, it’s in my humble opinion, necessary for Julia to have an origin story.

no. and also, there’s no origin story, as FAQ already covers it.


Note the full quote is:

Maybe julia stands for “Jeff’s uncommon lisp is automated”?

I.e. “Maybe” and “?” is part of the quote, and it’s years later so couldn’t be an origin story. Not up to me, but it, or something else could be a retronym. What would some other interesting possibilities be? Maybe the creators could agree on some…

The “official” origin story is there is no origin story.