Weird behavior for input of special symbols in the Julia REPL under (K)ubuntu Linux


I have a weird behavior, under my Julia REPL, in my desktop machine running Julia version 1.8.3 under Kubuntu Linux 22.04.1 LTS.

The terminal I use is the default Konsole and I am able to input, under Julia REPL, special characters or symbols like, e.g, é or x₂ or Ω with the usual keystrokes: e\acute + TAB or x\_2 + TAB or \Omega + TAB. However, as I expected to work as well, I am not, under the Julia REPL in my Konsole terminal, able to input x́ or x̂ or Ω̂ₘ by using the usual keystrokes x\acute + TAB or x\hat + TAB or \Omega + TAB + \hat + TAB + \_m + TAB; they simply give: x' or x^ or Ωₘ (after a final blank space). Curiously, I am able to input these, within Emacs, when I issue the above mentioned keystrokes, in a .jl file.

Does anyone know what I should do to fix these? The keystrokes work under Emacs, but not under the Julia REPL… Might it be related to something with the fonts?

This sounds like a font issue (so maybe a problem of the configuration of Konsole instead of with Julia REPL).

What font are you using in Konsole? Or for example, if you copy the desired symbols on emacs and paste them in konsole (could be outside of the REPL), do they show allright?

If it is a font issue you may want to change to a font with more unicode support, like juliamono

Thanks @aramirezreyes . It was related to a font issue indeed: I was using a font called MesloLGS NF 14 pt. When I changed, for instance, to Source Code Pro, the input in the Julia REPL went smooth, despite breaking some other gliphs in my powerline shell prompt. I will have to figure that out. I have not tried your suggestion for installing juliamono fonts yet…

Ah, Juliamono is not a julia-specific font but is a good font and it has great unicode support. I use it on my terminal, on vscode and on emacs. Recomended! It was created by Cormullion who is a user in this forum.

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Dear @aramirezreyes

What is your specific configuration? Mine, as I have said, is a Kubuntu 22.04 and the terminal I use is Konsole, whose prompt I have configured with powerline10k from oh-my-zsh. When I use Julia, it is mainly, meanwhile, from the REPL launched from Konsole; sometimes I do use Emacs or, a little bit more rarely VSCode.

When I changed my fonts in Konsole to Source Code Pro or Juliamono, I did solve the input problems mentioned in the original post, but then some gliphs from my powerline10k prompt got scrambled. Then I searched the net and now it seems I have everything working seamlessly after the installation and choice, under Konsole Appearance configuration, of the JetBrainsMono Nerd Font, which looks quite nice as well; all the glyphs in my prompt also seem to be working.

Thanks again anyway