Want to say 'Hello' as a new member

Hello to everyone

Today I signed up for Discourse at Julialang.
Just wanted to say Hello :slightly_smiling_face: to the other community members.

I’m happy that I have heard about and read about the Julia language and its possibilities.
Because I don’t want to ask silly questions, the first steps will be to read some of your online docs.

Have a nice day


Welcome! And have a nice day too!

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And don’t be afraid to post silly questions!
Chances are, others will benefit from those discussions - like myself!
We are here to support and glad to have you!

P.S. Since you are new, I highly recommend checking out JuliaAcademy to learn more in a fun and interactive way!

~ tcp :deciduous_tree:


After your info I have looked in JuliaAcademy.
It’s a great resource, thank you very much :+1: for this hint!


Thanks so far for the greetings.
Next steps will be that I have to read a lot of Julia teachings, tutorials and-so-on.
See you later :slightly_smiling_face:

the next step is to register julia slack then for a better chat environment. Btw, welcome!