VS Code JuliaSyntax Error from Startup.jl

After messing about with my startup.jl file, running a Julia session in VS code threw the error pictured below I tested this and it’s caused by enable_in_core!(). This behavior is strictly in VSC and not the REPL, since I can start it up and it has no issues with the startup file.


using Term
using JET
using JuliaSyntax
using OhMyREPL

JuliaSyntax.enable_in_core!() # <---


Is there a way to avoid this? I’m not experienced enough to parse through the terminalserver.jl file where the error is thrown from so I’d appreciate any help! Apologies if I missed any information since this is my first time posting here. :slight_smile:

Julia version: 1.8.0
JuliaSyntax: 0.1.0

Platform: Windows 10

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