Error: Julia Package not part of your current environment

After upgrading Julia I get and error everytime I start it.

I’m using Julia 1.5.0-rc1.0 (2020-06-26)
VS Code 1.47.0
Julia Insider Extension 0.17.8
Window 10 x64

And my settings are:

    "julia.executablePath": "C:\\Program Files\\Julia 1.5.0-rc1\\bin\\julia.exe",
    "julia.enableTelemetry": true,
    "julia.NumThreads": 4,
    "julia.enableCrashReporter": true,
    "window.zoomLevel": 1,
    "julia.environmentPath": "C:\\Users\\joe\\.julia\\codigo",
    "julia.additionalArgs": [

C:\Users\joe.julia\codigo is the path where my .jl files are located.
C:\Program Files\Julia 1.5.0-rc1\bin\julia.exe is the location of my julia executable.

Julia doesn’t start automatically.
I need to run any operation on the main editor, such as 1+1, and then a Julia session starts.