VS Code extension v0.8 released



We released v0.8.0 of the julia VS Code extension to the marketplace.

The new release has a whole bunch of new features:

  • You can eval into a module at the REPL.
  • You can toggle the linter.
  • You can execute a whole file in the REPL with F5.
  • You can execute the current code block with Alt+Enter.
  • You can fold code regions

The main progress though should be in terms of stability. We had an absolutely awesome group of early adopters/beta-testers that provided amazing feedback and we are all quite optimistic that this is the most stable version so far.

If you do find bugs, please report them at https://github.com/JuliaEditorSupport/julia-vscode. If things work just fine, we don’t mind feedback either (or a star on github).

David & Zac

PS: And as always, @ZacLN, if I forgot some other new feature, please just comment here and add it!

Any Julia only IDE available?

I just wanted to say “thank you” for your hard work!

The extension is really awesome. The editor is a key part of experiencing a programming language and I can vividly remember my path: started with Sublime (which has very limited Julia support and was a pain) and then switching to Atom which I used for a long time (despite being a bit slow and huge in all regards). And I remember the state of your extension, towards the beginning of this year – wasn’t impressive then, but it evolved so much. It’s enough to say that since this summer I dumped Atom for VS Code and haven’t looked back ever since. So yes, I stared the repo long ago, this is an important project for the Julia community. Also, I just reported a bug in v0.8 :blush:

Anyway, I just thought that it’s not fair that this announcement would end up without feedback. I’m sure many Julians are grateful for the work you’re doing and many agree with the above. Looking forward to the upcoming versions!


Just updated to the newest version. I second the kudos of @essenciary ! This is a very nice environment in which to work with my favorite language.…


Thanks very much from me as well. I have moved almost everything from Juno to VS Code. The only thing I’m waiting for (unless it’s already there) is integration with ASTInterpreter2.


We just released a small bugfix release v0.8.1 to the marketplace. You should all get it automatically, so nothing to do, really.