VS Code extension v0.5.0-beta release



We have a beta release for version v0.5.0 of the julia extension for VS Code. Please give it a test drive, we hope to release v0.5.0 in about a week, but would like more folks to try the beta on their system before we release this to a larger group.

This new version has massive amount of features, mostly thanks to ZacLN:

  • Integrated terminal
  • Send code to terminal via Ctrl+Enter
  • Hover help (doc for functions, other info for variables)
  • Completions
  • Signature help for function calls
  • Goto definition of e.g. methods etc.
  • Symbol list

And of course all the features from previous releases are still around as well:

  • Open package command
  • Linter

To try the beta, go to https://github.com/JuliaEditorSupport/julia-vscode/releases/tag/v0.5.0-beta.4 download the vsix file and then in VS Code execute the “Extension: Install from VSIX…” command.

If you find bugs, please report them at https://github.com/JuliaEditorSupport/julia-vscode. If you have tried the extension and everything worked, please also report back. You can just respond to this message here. Ideally also let us know what platform you are on.


UPDATE 11/20/2016
We just released beta 2, please download that version from https://github.com/JuliaEditorSupport/julia-vscode/releases/tag/v0.5.0-beta.2

UPDATE 11/21/2016
We just released beta 4, please download that version from https://github.com/JuliaEditorSupport/julia-vscode/releases/tag/v0.5.0-beta.4


It would be helpful if there is a manual that shows the main features with several figures.


Sounds great! But I think this kind of announcement should have been placed at the “Community” category, no?


Stupid question, but I’m getting:

Could not start the julia language server. Make sure the configuration setting julia.executablePath points to the julia binary.

How do I edit configuration settings ?


File->Preferences (or Code->Preferences on Mac), then look for the julia settings on the left, copy the setting you want to change to the right and put the path to the julia binary in there.

See also this:


Might we want to post this on the old board as well?


The homepage here https://github.com/JuliaEditorSupport/julia-vscode now has links in the feature section that will take you to lots of little screen casts that showcase the features of this extension


I believe julia-users is already in read-only mode…


All, I just released beta 2 that fixes a nasty bug on Windows, please use that one for testing. You can get it from https://github.com/JuliaEditorSupport/julia-vscode/releases/tag/v0.5.0-beta.2.


And we are up to beta 4, https://github.com/JuliaEditorSupport/julia-vscode/releases/tag/v0.5.0-beta.4


Awesome job! I really liked using it.

Mostly out of curiosity, are there plans (in near future) to:

integrate the debugger with bullets?

see variables in workspace?

have a plots pane?


I’m looking into the debugger situation right now. Would certainly be great to have that integrated, but we’ll have to see how much work that is.

Plots pane would be great, I see two options right now: do what the python extension does, i.e. show plots in a separate tab, just one after another. Option two is inline results, like in Juno. Right now that is not supported by VS Code, but they say enabling that kind of scenario is high on their list.

Showing a workspace variable list is also something that would first require some new UI extension points in VS Code. I think they are working on something that might enable this, but not entirely clear.

Long story short, I would certainly like to provide all of these. How much we will get done in what time, I have no idea :slight_smile: Help is of course always welcome.


Greate. looking forward to the release.

Wish one day this extension can achieve typescript level of intellisense.


For those that are using the beta right now: please report back if things work and what platform you are on! Don’t just report back if things fail, also let us know if things seem to work. This is really important for us to decide whether we can release or not. Thanks!


Using in windows the beta4 for a while, seem to be working pretty well. I even used the gallium debugger in the terminal (what a could not do with atom).

I had a one time problem that the hover help stopped working, but it never happened again and I could no replicate…

All in all, awesome job. Thanks for it!


Thanks for reporting back! I think we’ll probably release v0.5 today, fingers crossed.