VS Code extension v0.6.0-beta release

We have a beta release for version v0.6.0 of the julia extension for VS Code. Please give it a test drive, we hope to release v0.6.0 in about a week in time for juliacon, but would like more folks to try the beta on their system before we release this to a larger group.

This new version has massive amount of new features, mostly thanks to @ZacLN:

  • A massive rewrite of the underlying language server by @ZacLN. @ZacLN might want to elaborate a little in a response about all the cool things that are enabled by this, the new concrete syntax parser that powers all of this (https://github.com/ZacLN/CSTParser.jl) etc.
  • Support for *.jmd files (weave preview pane, save to various file formats command, syntax highlighting, full IntelliSense in *.jmd files).
  • Plot pane (should work with most plotting packages, please report back any that don’t work at this point).
  • A new command to run package tests from within VS Code.
  • A new command to lint a package for common package problems.
  • Lots of general bug fixes.

This release only works on julia 0.6.

To try the beta, go to https://github.com/JuliaEditorSupport/julia-vscode/releases/tag/v0.6.0-beta.1 and download the vsix file and then in VS Code execute the “Extension: Install from VSIX…” command.

If you find bugs, please report them at GitHub - julia-vscode/julia-vscode: Julia extension for Visual Studio Code. If you have tried the extension and everything worked, please also report back. You can just respond to this message here. Ideally also let us know what platform you are on.

If we end up with more beta releases I will announce them as responses to this message here.

David & ZacLN


The only things I’d add are to mention

  • the Format Document command to standardise white space around commas, operators and brackets as well the indentation of blocks.
  • Actionable diagnostics to fix deprecated type declaration syntaxes

It seems to work well for me, but I had to remove the old version before installing from the VSIX. Without doing that, I was getting errors, and I don’t think it was installed right.

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Should the language server still be crashing when not really doing anything? I opened a package directory in another window (AbstractTrees), opened the fstree.jl example file and got the crash warning about the language server: 5 crashes in the last 3 minutes.

That is less than ideal! Could you open an issue on Github with your configuration details?

Seems my problem was also the previous version, 0.5. I uninstalled it before installing 0.6 beta, and it seemed to be uninstalled, according to VS Code’s UI. I didn’t restart vscode though, and maybe that was needed. Today, I looked in the filesystem and saw that the extension directory for the old version was still there. After deleting this manually, the beta seems to work as intended. The odd thing was that while vscode confused, it was showing 0.6 beta in the extension list, but ctrl+shift+p only presented three Julia commands.

We’ve just released a second beta here. We plan to release the final Wed evening, so any last minute testing would be greatly appreciated!

David & Zac