VS Code extension v0.10.0-beta release



Hi all

We’ve released a beta for the next version of the Julia VS Code Extension, v0.10.0-beta.1. We’d much appreciate it if we could get some testers to try it out and give feedback on bugs before we release it to the marketplace.

This version brings a bunch of new features/improvements:

  • It tries to automatically find your julia installation so that you don’t have to configure anything. This should work if julia is on your path, or if you installed it into a standard location on Windows or Mac. It would be great if folks that test the beta could actually delete their user setting for the julia binary location and test whether the extension still finds julia.
  • We added telemetry. It is strictly opt-in, but it would help us a lot if folks enabled this. Everything that is sent is anonymous, but it should allow us to understand usage patterns of the extension better.
  • Crash reporting. If certain parts of the extension crash, you can now send an automated crash report to us. Again, this is strictly opt-in. Please enable this, it is even more crucial for us than the telemetry. We hope that this will really allow us to hunt down most bugs in the extension. We try hard to not send any information with those crash reports that might identify you, but we can’t guarantee it, because those include stack traces, and while we try to sanitize them before we send them, I’m not sure that will work in a 100% of cases.
  • We added an option so that you can exclude certain files from linting.
  • Lots of bug fixes and other smaller improvements.

@ZacLN might know about additional improvements!

To try the beta download the VSIX file from https://github.com/JuliaEditorSupport/julia-vscode/releases/tag/v0.10.0-beta.1 and install using the Extensions: Install from VSIX… command.

David and Zac


And we already have a second beta, please download and test and enable telemetry and crash reporting: