VS Code and 1.1.0

Is it only me or (after replacing 1.0.3 for 1.1.0)

It’s the same problem for me
vscode 1.30.2
julia 1.1.0
julia support 0.11.2


Unfortunately a known problem, see here. I’m hoping that @kristoffer.carlsson can just magically tell us how to fix it :slight_smile:

While the crashing problem is gone, it still doesn’t work as it used to. I’m referring to capacity to go directly to a function definition with right-clicks (Intellisense?). Also hitting Shift+Ctrl+O always shows No symbol information for this file. However, this same ability is working fine when editing C files.

Yeah, julia 1.1 broke the extension. Well, not julia 1.1, but the change in the Pkg stdlib. The relevant issue on github is here.

Sad. Thanks

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While we have this problem, I’m keeping a v1.0 julia installation just for VS Code. You can set the path to julia v1.0 and benefit from the extensions goodies.

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Well, I already maintain 0.7 for its better warning system. Cannot exagerate in the recipe.