VS Code extension v0.11.5 released

We released v0.11.5 of the julia VS Code extension to the marketplace.

We normally don’t announce patch releases, but in this case I’m making an exception: this version should finally make the extension compatible with julia 1.1!

Thanks to @tribut for tackling and fixing the julia 1.1 compatibility problems!

If you do find bugs with this new release, please report them at https://github.com/JuliaEditorSupport/julia-vscode . If things work just fine, we don’t mind feedback either!

Finally, if you can, please enable crash reporting and telemetry for the extension. It really helps a lot to improve the extension.

David & Zac


Excellent news! Does this mean that LanguageServer.jl also works on 1.1 now?

Seems to be working pretty well once I let it finish whatever indexing it was doing. (You might want to note in the README it can take a few minutes to start working while stuff is indexed.)


Yes! You need the latest version of SymbolServer.jl, that is where the fixes happened.

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Don’t understand. I do not have ant SymbolServer.jl package and VS Code extension used to work fine. We are talking about auto-completation and the Intelisense capability, right?

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If you are a user of the VS Code extension, feel free to ignore all the talk about various packages, we just ship everything for you and you don’t need to deal with any of this.

I took @Tamas_Papp comment as asking whether the standalone LanguageServer.jl package now works on julia 1.1, and that is also the case now. But that whole conversation is only relevant for folks that are trying to use LanguageServer.jl with other editors than VS Code.

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Ah, thanks, yes I’m VSC user but I don’t see any update and “Checking for Updates…” says no updates available. Too soon?

Do you mean installing VS code Julia extension will automatically install the package SymbolServer.jl?

No, it doesn’t.

Did you check for updates under your installed extensions? Mine found it and had the reload button to activate it when I looked at the extension pane.

Strange. Screwed it, reinstalled and now I have 0.11.5

The VS Code extension uses a whole bunch of Julia packages (including SymbolServer.jl), but we don’t install them into the default depot. Instead we ship them inside the VS Code extension itself, so you never see them. This has worked out really well because the extension is essentially completely independent from the state of the user depot, and so we never have issues about the wrong package version or anything like that.

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Yes, that’s why I was asking. Sorry for hijacking the topic.

it works well for me , thank you

LanguageServer VScode is back!

How to change “julia env: 1.0” to 1.1 automatically in version 0.11.5?

Looks like a bug to me… We have a PR pending that changes the logic for that, but I’m still thinking about it…

Well, the good news is that changing environments doesn’t do anything currently and you always end up in the default environment of the julia binary you are using (that is, 1.1 for julia 1.1) regardless of what is displayed inside VS Code. So you don’t need to bother switching it to 1.1 all the time.

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Did something change when showing symbols? When I now do Shift+Ctrl+O to search the functions in a file I can see only the declared variables bot not the function names.

Could you open an issue? Also strikes me like a bug.