Propositions for edition of videos on Julia YT channel

After watching quite a few videos on Julia YT’s channel can be more watcher friendly if there will be edited in better way. Since thread about talks from JuliaCon 2019 is already quite long, I decided to put few suggestions in separate one. I hope that some of them can useful for somebody.

This one I already mention here, but it should be mentioned here for consistency.

Breakout Session — Graphics and Visualization, discussion led by Daniel C. Jones at JuliaCon 2014,

We have here slightly different kind of problem. This video is 1:15:44 long, but from what I see first 49:32 is video already available on channel as Gadfly: Native Julia Plotting and Visualization, As such this video should be edited in appropriate way.

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JuliaCon 2016 (Keynote) | Fortress Features and Lessons Learned | Guy Steele,

There is a serious problem with this video, namely it should be split into two videos. You can see structure of it in the list below.

  • From 00:00 to 03:53 we have is opening of the JuliaCon by Alan Edelman.

  • From 03:53 to 6:33 we have is introduction of keynote speaker Guy Steel by Alan Edelman.

  • From 6:34 to the end we have Guy Steel lecture with Q&A.

Clearly first part should be published as separate video on Julia YT channel and added the playlist of JuliaCon 2016. I think that it can be named “Opening | Alan Edelman | JuliaCon 2016”.

Competent people should decide if video of keynote should contains both part two and three or only three. I can’t decide that, I only insists on splitting this video in opening JuliaCon and proper talk part.

Shared memory parallelism in Julia with multi-threading | Kiran Pamnany | Cambridge Julia Meetup (May 2018),

This talk is now 26:33 long, but it would be nice to cut it around 25:52. You can look at proposed timestamps here.

Sponsor Talk: Julia Computing | JuliaCon 2021

This is a different kind of problem. This talk end abruptly when @viralbshah say "Thank you Chris for JuliaSim presentation”, if it is possible someone should check does original recording was cut prematurely or not?

Keynote - Tricks and Tips in Numerical Computing,

This lecture is 48:08 minutes long, but it could be cut to 47:27.