2017 JuliaCon videos

Great to see these appearing, although I wonder if you’ve noticed that they say “2015” on the left…


And my name is spelled wrong in the title :smile:


Here the link to save some digging: https://www.youtube.com/user/JuliaLanguage/videos


Are there going to be some descriptions next to the videos? Now it just says things like “2017Julia Conference Day1 InnesMalmaudStenetorp v1”, which is quite indecipherable.


Thanks for the videos!

I have noticed that the in-video title of the talk is incorrect on the talk about Jupyter, and the video and audio is out of sync in the end of InnesMalmaudStenetorp

Do I see all the videos saying “JuliaCon 2015” below the speaker name? :slight_smile:


Yes, that’s how you tell them from the 2016 ones.


Another thing I’m thinking about while watching the videos is that the screen real estate could be utilized better to improve the visibility of the code. Many of the talks lose lots of value if the code is not clearly visible, this is the case in for instance David Anthoff’s talk about Query.jl
With the current template, valuable space is wasted on framing (both around the speaker and the screen images), with the image of the screen being left much smaller than needed.


I strongly agree with this; even when I maximize the video, the speaker looks unnecessarily small. And sometimes (at least last year) parts of the slides are cut, which is very unfortunate.

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We are aware of the issue with the template as well as several other issues with the videos. We asked the vendor to upload the videos as soon as possible but it looks like the first batch has been rushed through a bit too fast. Today is a US holiday but we hope that new versions of the videos will appear later this week.


Should be fixed now

Maybe that’s the same issue, but I thought I’d mention it just in case: David Anthoff’s video stops slightly before the end of the talk. Looks like that’s because the video is done, but the sound is desynchronized.

Anyway, it’s great to have these videos available so fast!

Agreed! It looks a bit like a rushed job, but that means they came out really fast! :grinning:

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Any chance having the title of the video to include the subject and not only the name of the speaker?

Thank You.


Great to see the videos coming in!

I’ve notice the start of Jacob Quinn’s Roadmap Data IO has been cut, would be great to see it fixed.

Thanks for all of this!

Also, Eric Davies presentation on Using Return Types is out of sync with the slides video, always 1 slide too fast. Thanks for passing this on to the video editor.

Were all only recorded in 360p? It is slightly difficult to see the slides on some of them, especially since they only fill a small part of the screen. It would be nice to have 1080p versions.

Jameson’s talk has the video freeze and the sound go bad at 16:15.

On some you can change the Quality e.g. to 720 or 1080p…

It can take awhile for Youtube to process videos and allow the higher resolution choices. My guess is the newest ones may still be processing, though it seems to be taking a long time.