Video : Julia setup for beginner


I prepared a short video showing a possible setup for Julia project developments.
In particular I show how to:

  • install and configure git and github
  • install Julia
  • install Revise.jl
  • create a project with PkgSkeleton
  • install vscode and the Julia extension
  • amortize the “Time to First Plot” with a Revise-based workflow.

The video in English is here (Maurice Chevalier’s mode on) :

The video in French is here :

Hope it is useful.


P.S. #1 If a native English speaker sends me a sound recording with a less funny but more understandable flow : I will be happy to modify the video :slight_smile:
P.S. #2 Comments and critics are more than welcome !


I used to love Maurice Chevalier. I’m a native English speaker and see no reason you should change!


I have looked for Maurice Chevalier in vain, only finding a very nice Julia tutorial :wink:
PS: for the real thing I had to look here…

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Have you seen the movie Gigi?


Actually I haven’t seen Gigi. I will if I can find a VOD offer. Looking at the @rafael.guerra’s link, it appears that Maurice Chevalier spoke a much better English than mine.
Thanks you for your comments :wink:

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Hello to all,

following the various questions and comments I must specify that this is a possible setup but not unique.

In particular,

  • I chose to install a release candidate version of Julia and installing the current official version (1.5.3) is probably a better choice to start with. The rest of the video would be unchanged.

  • It is obviously possible to install all the tools (Julia, vscode,…) without being admin (without sudo). In this case, you just have to indicate in vscode the path to the local installation of Julia.

  • I chose the linux OS (Ubuntu), but it is obviously possible to install the setup on other OSes (windows, macOS,…). You can tell me if a specific video about the installation on windows or macOS would be useful.

For French speakers, 2 videos detailing the workflow on a running example are also available on the same channel:




@LaurentPlagne, the videos in French are top quality. Thank you for sharing them.

Fyi, the YouTube subtitles auto translation does not seem to work. Changing the video properties from Private to Unlisted may unlock that?
Just in case you can have a look.

NB: checked again your video in YouTube and the English auto translation of subtitles is now available.

Thank you for your kind comment !

Unfortunately, it seems that the automatically generated subtitles are hardly understandable…
I think I should take some time (not now) to refactor (and translate) the videos in french (I have been told that I should cut them in smaller parts)).

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@LaurentPlagne, for whatever it is worth, playing your youtube video and recording it automatically in Chrome Google Docs with French language set, produces an automatic transcription of the video audio. In Win10 had to disable the PC micro but kept stereo enabled.

I have copied below an excerpt of your video (over 1:30 - 2:30), which needs obvious editing. When you speak a bit faster Google gets lost in French and the transcription is often funny:

".… Du projet que je veux créer donc je vais l’appeler spring donc de question mon nom très bien c’est déjà bien le l’adresse email un éventuel le conducteur l’année donc là le bac est généreux l’ensemble de l’arborescence de fichier qui va être nécessaire pour faire un projet qui pourra devenir ensuite un paquet donc je sors de Julia et maintenant on va utiliser vs quad donc je constate que générer à créer un répertoire qui s’appelle qui a le nom de mon projet qui s’appelle spring laisserai père Thouars à la structure d’un projet Julia en particulier il contient un fichier qui s’appelle project. Ton mail un sous-répertoire source test et donc donc je vais démarrer vs code. …
A+ :slight_smile:

I tried to edit the subtitles for the first video in french ( but I am not sure that it is useful : the point of this media is to combine sound and video and the addition of subtitles makes it harder to follow (IMHO)… Tell me if you still think that it worth the effort.

I guess that it would be more efficient to set up an English spoken version, but I need to find so extra spare time :wink:

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@LaurentPlagne, it looks excellent, thank you.

Being used to watch movies with subtitles this is even better because YouTube subtitles can be dragged away to where they do not obstruct.

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Great stuff!

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Thank you again for your kind comments !

I have edited the subtitles for the second video (2D dynamics, with 2D array comprehensions, views and UnitRanges, memory bound computing analysis, CPU to GPU computing with CUDA.jl and Makie.jl interactive visualization)

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