How to efficiently develop in Julia?

@lmiq mentioned in the teaching with Julia thread that it might be nice for the Julia webpage to host

How to efficiently develop in Julia tutorial,

for Julia newbies. Well :sweat_smile: I’ve been using Julia for years and would still enormously benefit from such a tutorial. :rofl:

I’ve watched Chris’s great videos but always forget what to do.

If anyone is proud of their workflow I’d love a step-by-step list of instructions starting from 0˚K. with some explanation fit for a 5 year old. Like

0.) Download julia, and VSCode and set julia command in you path using <some_terminal_wizardry_involving_sudo???> This lets VSCode know how to call julia !
1.) create a folder for your project. This is where your code will be saved on your computer!
2.) Profit???
4.) Sysimages??

People who understand exactly what activate . does, would you mind sharing your workflow at that level of hand-holding and individual commands? What works best for you?

P.S. Please don’t just point me to the Pkg manual. I’ve tried but it doesn’t stick. If you tell me what exactly you do, I’ll be able reverse engineer the logic later.


It is a bit outdated but you may find this useful

The recently introduced vscode click-button sysimage build is super useful (for me) so the video should be updated…

Mind the very last sentence of this page which took me some time to consider:

This requires the `useCustomSysimage` field to be set to `true` in the application settings of the extension."

Note that the video use Linux and PkgSkeleton which are of course options…


I wrote this post a while ago - Pkg.jl and Julia Environments for Beginners


Here is my take on this…


One more for good measure, from the Julia class at MIT:


You may find this old video of mine useful Setup, Reading and Developing Julia Packages - Canberra Julia Language Meetup - 2021-04-25 - YouTube. Disclaimer: this was my first ever youtube video and the first few minutes are awkward but it gets better, I think…