Single click julia project creation with vscode?


With other languages, most IDEs provide tools/buttons to create well structured projects.

In julia, I use PkgSkeleton.jl or PkgTemplates.jl to create project, but I think that this process could be more accessible (especially for beginner) with an IDE (vscode) support.

Would you consider such a feature to be useful and possible to implement ?


Yes to both questions.


Hi @pfitzseb,

Thank you for your answers !

Unfortunately I know almost nothing about vscode extension underlying technology and my question was more meant to be a super careful feature request :blush:.

I have observed that some Julia beginners with low CS background (but strong scientific skills) tend to put off engaging in effective project-based development. They can waste a lot of time missing the benefits of Julia projects (Revise.jl, dependency management, environment compilation, IDE support, git tools…).

I think that this feature could help Julia adoption smoothing the Julia’s learning curve.

Of course, such a feature would also help general user like me (already convinced by the project development necessity), to start new project faster. In particular for super small projects were you experiment a little with some packages.

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See my attempt of this at


This looks great !

I did not completely understood what prevent your PR to be accepted (Although I learn a new English word today (butler)).

I guess that the github account is optional (otherwise it would prevent a lot of beginner to use it).