Using Julia on Git bash

I find windows powershell pretty buggy, and sometimes it breaks when trying to open Vim and the key press - display loop gets messed up.

Git bash has always worked for me when ssh-ing. Is there a step by step guide to making it so that when I click the “Julia” icon in my start menu, it opens up Git bash instead of powershell?

Thank you

Put this into a .bat file:

start "" "%PROGRAMFILES%\Git\bin\sh.exe" --login -i -c "exec julia"

Can you expand a bit? I put it into a .bat file and ran it and nothing seems to have changed.

Oh, sorry. Here goes:
I put this batch file on my desktop. When I double-click it opens a git-bash window.
The key is to have the Julia executable in my path.

When you say “nothing seems to have changed” you mean Julia comes up in CMD, or does not come up at all?

Did you get it to work?