REPL text colors for white background console

My Win10 Julia 1.5.2 REPL has white background and the default light yellow text (ex: ?help, matching parentheses highlighted, etc.) cannot be read. Is there a way to change this color (ex: to cyan)? I am using a Git bash shell and OhMyREPL.jl. Thank you.Julia_REPL_light_yellow_on_white_bkgrd

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I am sorry, as this is well covered in the Julia’s REPL documentation. It suffices to add the following lines of code to the startup.jl file:

function customize_colors(repl)
    repl.help_color = Base.text_colors[:cyan]

You might also want to consider tweaking your color scheme a bit so that the standard colors are more visible since e.g. yellow might be used in other places (like @warn). However, for @warn you could set ENV["JULIA_WARN_COLOR"] = "cyan":



@kristoffer.carlsson thank you for this. Also found useful to add following OhMyREPL command in startup.jl in order to highlight the matching brackets:

OhMyREPL.Passes.BracketHighlighter.setcrayon!(Crayon(background = :cyan))