Tiny Plots in jupyter-notebook

I have installed the 1.5.3 version of Julia and now all jupyter-notebook plots are tiny.
Can anybody help me?


Hi! You can control the size of the plot with

plot(x, y, size=(1000, 500))

I believe you’re running into a current Plots/GR/Firefox (are you using Firefox) issue - try plot(rand(10), fmt = :png)


Yes I am using Firefox. I have run both tests: adding “fmt=:png” the graphic’s size is right.

Thanks Nils

Your are probably using an old GR version. What does Plots.GR.version() say?

Plots.GR.version() is “0.49.0”

Please update using ENV["GRDIR"]=""; ] build GR.

I have updated to ““0.53.0.post57”.
Now, I have another problem with plot(rand(10),xlabel = “t”, ylabel=”\theta")

What’s your Plots version?

[091a5bcdd] Plots v1.10.1

Sorry. There is a conflict concerning the character encoding within GR. I will try to find a solution. In the meantime, please use LaTeX or UTF-8 strings, e.g. ylabel=L"\theta" or ylabel="θ".

The problem is fixed in 0.53.0.post60. We will probably tag a new release this week.
Until then, an update using ENV["GRDIR"]=""; ] build GR should help.

It is right.

Thanks a lot