Inconsistent Figure size when using Plots and gr()


Recently I’ve been running into an issue regarding the size of a figure being inconsistent when I use Plots.jl and gr() as the back-end. Essentially the issues is that when I try to plot anything it appears very small in the plot plane, I can change the size of it by passing in size = (…,…) but now the font and axes will be incredibly small. In addition, moving around the plot plane doesn’t affect the relative size of the plot which it normally would. However, if I plot the exact same thing using plotly() the figure size will appear normal. Thinking that I may have change some setting, I’ve tried exiting the REPL and loading in just Plots.jl, some times this fixes the issue but it doesn’t seem to be consistent.

If any one has any recommendations on how to address this issue or suggestions on how to work around this without switching back-ends. It would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you!

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Is it this?

You are probably using an old GR.jl version or GR run-time.

  • Plots.GR.version() should be 0.57.3
  • The GR.jl version should be v0.57.5 (check with ] st GR)

Thank you for the suggestion! I was indeed running an older version of GR.jl specifically version v0.52.0. I’ve updated it to v0.57.5 with ] update GR and that took care of the issue!

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