Juno & Julia 0.6.4 -- plotting?

I use Julia v.0.6.4 on latest Windows 10/64 bit with latest update of packages. Some “problems” with Juno and plotting:

  1. using Plots, I assume that GR is the default backend. Today, the plots in Juno are “unusably” small: image
    It is possible I’m getting old…, but my eyes are not made for reading such small plots.
  • Is it possible to change the scaling of the plot window so that the plots appear larger on screen?
  • Note: I haven’t noticed such small plots in Juno before – but then I haven’t used Juno for a while.
  1. I normally use the pyplot backend because it traditionally has had better support for LaTeX. However, for a while, Juno has given the following error message when I try to use the pyplot() backend:
  • Command pyplot() seems to work in Juno…
  • …while the subsequent command plot(x,y) gives this error message.

Any ideas on how to solve this problem are welcome.

I have the same problems…

Regarding my “problem 1”…

  • I can zoom each plot by scrolling the mouse wheel. However, the granulation is too coarse… one move of the scroll wheel makes the plot way too big.
    I can also zoom each plot using the +/- buttons in the plot window. But it takes some 20 clicks on “+” to get the appropriate size. And there is no “memory”, so I have to do this for each new plot…

These are both known issues:

  • For the GR small plots issue see Plot size in Juno and links in there - the long and short is that this is a specific issue for the combination of Juno, Plots and GR in Julia 0.7 and is fixed in 1.0. The fix is a Plots.jl fix that isn’t being backported to 0.7 though. There was an issue opened on the GR repo which has a workaround here.

  • For the pyplot runtime error see Julia throws an Runtime Error when trying to use PyPlot

Thanks, nilshg. I’ll check this out. NOTE however that the problem shows up in Julia v. 0.6.4, and not only in Julia v. 0.7. I cannot move to Julia 1.0 yet – there are some packages that I use that don’t yet work in Julia 1.0.

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